Sidas 3Feet Merino Insoles – Mid N/a Xxl


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Reliably warm and consistently comfortable while providing ample support underfoot for those with medium arches, the Sidas 3Feet Merino Insoles offer superior thermoregulation and odor resistance for skiing, snowboarding, showshoeing, and any other cold-weather activity. These incredible insoles feature an insulating sheet of aluminum throughout the insole for superior performance and coziness in cold elements, while also stabilizing your feet and ankles with precision enhancing heel cups. Arch-specific cutouts under the midfoot ensure that your feet remain active throughout your entire workout, while the EVA shell works hard to reduce foot fatigue while providing ample arch support and pressure distribution. Embark on your adventure with confidence underfoot and throw in a pair of the Sidas 3Feet Merino Insoles to get the absolute most out of your winter setup.