Remo Emperor 10″ Black Drum Head


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Remo Emperor Ebony Drum Heads are made of one ply of 7.5-mil Ebony film on the top, and one ply of 7-mil clear film underneath – a combination that will give you a classic, bright Emperor sound with a slick black look and a slightly crispier attack. Emperor heads fly right down the middle in terms of sustain, with a fairly high durability and a noticeable amount of attack at the front. Drummers who play fast and loud really love these heads. Size: 10″.Finish: Black/Ebony DrumheadColour: BlackDiameter: 10″Type: BatterMade in: USAOriginal Colour by Producer: BlackNumber of Layers: 2Series: EmperorDiameter (inch): 10.0Variant: Black/Ebony Drumhead