Nemo Forte 20 Sleeping Bag – Women’s Tide Pool/shaded Thistle Reg


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Impressively warm and reliably cozy, the Forte 20 Sleeping Bag from Nemo offers incredible comfort despite challenging conditions. Lightweight PrimaLoft RISE insulation boosts heat retention for cozy evenings, while the Unique Spoon™ design accommodates all types of sleepers with additional room without sacrificing comfort. A waterproof/breathable footbox fights tent condensation for warm and dry feet, while the Blanket Fold™ external draft collar regulates temperature for a disturbance-free experience. With opposite sided zippers on men’s and women’s sleeping bags to allow for a dual-zipped connection, there’s virtually nothing that the Forte 20 Sleeping Bag can’t do. Turn to this amazing camping necessity from Nemo whenever you want to experience the outdoors in chilly weather, and get the absolute most out of your gear.