Line6 Powercab 112 Plus


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If you use amp modeling, the Line 6 PowerCab 112 Plus was made for you. This active guitar speaker’s flat frequency response and generous headroom preserve every detail of your amplifier simulations. Or you can choose from six different built-in speaker emulations for that familiar “amp-in-a-room” vibe. Have a favorite third-party impulse response? No problem. The PowerCab 112 Plus accommodates up to 128 recallable, customizable user presets. Beyond that, an integrated 250-watt power amp delivers enough volume for most live situations, and its microphone-emulated output makes running straight into the PA a breeze. Line 6 knows a thing or two about amp modeling, and it shows with the PowerCab 112 Plus.Power: 250 WImpedance: 8 OhmWeight: 16,3 kgSpeakers: 1x 12 “Made in: ChinaSpeaker Type: EminencePower (Watt): 250.0: 20210326.0