Evans Hydraulic Glass 14″ Drum Head


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14″ Hydraulic Glass. Comprised of an outer 7 mil ply and an inner 6.5 mil ply sandwiching a layer of oil, it has the wet sound that defined the ‘70s – again in vogue! A durable head, the HYDRAULIC SNARE has a short sustain that emphasizes the fundamental tone of your drum. A blanket cure for troublesome snare drums and reflective rooms, this Evans veteran is back in the high life.Configuration: Oil filled, clear 2-ply (outer ply: 6.5mil; inner ply: 6.5 mil). Sound:Fat and wet. Resonance: Dry, short sustain. Application: General use, rock, fusion, live or studioColour: TransparentDiameter: 14″Type: Tom BatterMade in: USAOriginal Colour by Producer: GlassNumber of Layers: 2Series: HydraulicDiameter (inch): 14.0Variant: Glass Drumhead