Evans EC2 Frosted Tom 12″ Drum Head


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12” coated drumhead from EC2 series that features a Sound Shaping Technology ink ring mounted is painted onto the head consisting of two plies of 7 mil film rather than the glued on metal ring. By controlling edge vibration (instead of eliminating it), the ring isolates and damps higher overtones, enhancing low-end and attack, and enabling a broader tuning range. That means that the character of each drum really comes out. The coated version delivers additional warmth, focus, and depth, plus a unique translucent appearance.Finish: Coated DrumheadColour: WhiteDiameter: 12″Type: Tom BatterMade in: USAOriginal Colour by Producer: FrostedNumber of Layers: 2Series: ECDiameter (inch): 12.0Variant: Frosted Drumhead