Evans EC2 Coated Standard (12”, 13”, 16”) Drumhead Set


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Frosted Tom Pack-Standard (12″, 13″, 16″) Evans Tom Pack head combinations are designed to give you the right sound for the music you’re playing while replacing all of your tom-tom heads at the same time for a lower package price. From the G1 Single ply and G2 Double Ply Drum Heads in both clear and coated versions, to the newest EC2 Drum heads in both clear and coated versions, these Tom Packs enable any style player replace all of the tom-tom heads at the same time. This will insure an even sound throughout your kit and costs far less money than buying individual heads. All of these Tom Packs are available in either a Fusion Setup consisting of one each 10″, 12″ and 14″ drum heads or a Standard Setup consisting of one each 12″, 13″ and 16″ drum heads. Add any snare drum head and bass drum head of your choice — you’re never locked into something you don’t want with Evans — and you can very easily get a brand new sound out of your existing drum set.Finish: Coated DrumheadColour: WhiteDiameter: SetSet Content: 12″Type: Tom Tom Drum Head SetMade in: USAOriginal Colour by Producer: WhiteNumber of Layers: 2Series: ECVariant: Standard Set